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CRM Manipulation Library (Custom Workflow Activities & Plugins)

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The CRM Manipulation Library is a set of custom workflow activities for OnPremise Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to solve equations, date calculations, manipulates strings, perform regex (regular expression) formatting & matching, as well as SoundEx and Metaphone-Like codification. It also includes a plugin for CRM Online and CRM 2011 OnPremise that incorporates SoundEx and Metaphone-Like codification.

The CRM Workflow Manipulation Library was written by Carlton Colter and Engage. Andrew Swerlick blogged about the Manipulation Library on Engage's Tech Blog and his words sum up the core of the Manipulation Library.

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s built in workflow engine is pretty powerful, as anyone who’s worked with it for a while is aware. However, in our experience, a good customer quickly comes up with requirements that go beyond it’s built in capabilities, requiring custom activities. Engage is used to writing some basic activities to handle common problems, but now thanks the Carlton Colter of Microsoft, there’s a robust library of basic workflow activities up on codeplex for all CRM customers and partners."


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