Calculation Utilities

The Calculation Utilities allow for quick calculations and logic based on numerical values.
  • Basic Math
    • Such as add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • Convert Values
    • Such as converting a string to a number
  • Maximum
    • Get the maximum value between two values
  • Minimum
    • Get the minimum value between two values
  • Solve Equation
    • Solves a complex equation such as @a+2*@b/pi
    • Allows multiple variables to be specified (@a-@h and @x-@z)
    • Supports the following mathematical constants:
      • e pi rand
    • Supports the following mathematical functions:
      • abs acos asin atan cos degrees even fact gcf log log10
      • max min neg odd power radians randbetween round
      • sign sin sqrt tan trunc

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