Codify (Metaphone)

Encode a string using an algorithm that is similar to Metaphone. Metaphone is a phonetic algorithm published in 1990 for indexing words by their English pronunciation. The original metaphone algorithm was developed by Lawrence Phillips who later created a double-metaphone algorithm to produce more accurate results. This algorithm is an implementation somewhere between metaphone and double-metaphone. It handles some of the special cases that are handled in double-metaphone, but still does a single codification. In this version, the metaphone codification is processed by funnelling through a translation table. If you would like to modify the translations, change the definitions in the static class Metaphone.cs.

For an example of how to use this workflow look at the instructions for Duplicate Checking with Metaphone.

Codify (Metaphone) Input Properties
Codify (Metaphone) Input Properties Image

Codify (Metaphone) Output Properties
  • Result
    • The Metaphone encoded string

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