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The Advanced Math custom workflow is a powerful equation solver that is run inside CRM, allowing CRM administrators to utilize complex equations involving CRM data as variables in their equation and use the resulting value to make decisions in their workflow or be stored back to another object in CRM.

Utilizing a .Net implementation of reverse polish notation that utilizes lamda expressions to run functions, it can solve complex equations.

The equation solver supports variables: @a, @b, @c, @d, @e, @f, @g, @h, @i, @x, @y, and @z. The formula can contain these variables as well as multiple Operators, Constants and Functions.

Formulas such as: min(3,2,1,5) will work, but if you are putting an equation in one section such as min(3-4-5,2,1,5) then please surround the equation with parenthesis, such as: min((3-4-5),2,1,5).

It is important to note that reverse polish notation is not easy and required a lot of research to figure out the best way to get the implementation to work and be conscious of precedence. The resources listed below are some of the most helpful regarding reverse polish notation.
Solve Equation Input Properties
Solve Equation Input Properties Image

Solve Equation Output Properties
  • Error Message
    • The error message if there was an error processing the formula.
  • Error Processing Formula
    • Boolean (true if there was an error)
  • Float Result
  • Money Result
  • Rounded Number Result
  • String Result
  • Truncated Number Result

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