Duplicate Checking with Metaphone

Modifying the Account Entity

  1. Click Settings in the left navigation
  2. Click Customization, then Customize Entities
  3. Double-click Account
  4. Click Attributes on the left navigation
  5. Click New
  6. Add a new attribute to the account called Metaphone. It does not need to be searchable.
  7. Metaphone Attribute
  8. Click Save and Close
  9. Click Save, then Click Actions, Publish

Creating the Metaphone Workflow

  1. Create a new workflow called Account Metaphone Codification
  2. Metaphone Workflow
  3. Check the box for Record attributes change
  4. Click Select, Check the box for the Account Name, and click Ok
  5. Add the Codify (Metaphone) Workflow Step and configure it as follows:
  6. Metaphone Account Parameters
  7. Add an Account Update Step, and put the Codify Result into the Metaphone Field (which should be on the Additional Fields Tab)
  8. Save and Publish the Workflow

Configuring Duplication Checking

  1. Click Settings in the left navigation
  2. Click Data Management, then Duplication Detection Rules
  3. Click New
  4. Setup a Duplicate Check like the following:
  5. Metaphone Duplicate Check

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