The SoundsLikePlugin provides a way to utilize the soundex, soundex original, and a metaphone-like codification through a plugin for CRM Online and CRM 2011. The unsecure configuration contains the codification settings that specify the fields to encode, etc. It will work both Server side and Offline (with the Outlook client).

<codify method="soundex" target="new_SoundexName">
<codify source="name" method="soundex-original" target="new_SoundexOriginalName" disable-manual-update="true" max="3">
<codify source="name" method="metaphone" target="new_Metaphone" max="20" min="3">

That configuration uses the name field and codifies it using 3 different methods to 3 different fields. The way the plugin is setup you can do however many soundex/metaphone codifications you need to on an entity.

The attributes in the codify element are very simple. There are 6 different attributes you can specify:
  • method:
    • Description: The method of codification soundex, soundex-original, and metaphone.
    • Default: The default method is metaphone.
  • source:
    • Description: The field that contains the string to codify
    • Default: The field called "name" – if the field does not exists, then the default won’t work
  • target:
    • Description: The target field in which to store the codified string
  • disable-manual-update:
    • Description: When true, it will prevent the target field from being set manually
    • Default: false
  • min:
    • Description: The minimum number of characters
    • Default: 0 (zero)
  • max:
    • Description: The maximum number of characters
    • Default: 6

To register the plugin you should first compile or download the plugin, use the plugin registration tool to register the assemby, and add the corresponding steps for the update and create messages on the entities with the configuration xml in the unsecured or secured configuration.

For more detailed information about how to install the plugin, you can go to:

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